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Matteo Bocelli & Sebastián Yatra Collide on “Until She’s Gone”

Opera singer Matteo Bocelli and Latin-pop star Sebastián Yatra joined forces for “Until She’s Gone;” and translated it to Spanish and Italian, their native languages.

Bocelli & Yatra Regret Not Expressing Their Feelings on “Until She’s Gone”

Both artists decided to include a big part of the world in their new releases. “Until She’s Gone” is a ballad that combines hints of opera and pop; with Bocelli and Yatra making their voices sound angelical together. But there’s not only one version of the song, no. The ballad has a Spanish version as well, and Italian.

Yatra is a very popular Latin-pop artist. Due to this, it was only fair that he would give his audience something to remember from this collaboration. On the other hand, Bocelli – whose dad is none other than opera legend Andrea Bocelli – also wanted to give people in his native country something to relate to this song.

The ballad relates the story of being in love with a special girl; but not realizing this until it’s too late. The pair regret not telling their significant others their feelings toward them, and let their sorrow drive the song. “This love should last a thousand years. The light is gone without you here. The stars aligned and disappeared. You don’t know what you’ve lost. Until she’s gone,” Bocelli and Yatra sing in the chorus.

A Beautiful Trilingual Project

“‘Until She’s Gone’ is an incredible romantic ballad; that I had the pleasure of singing with my friend Sebastián Yatra,” Bocelli says. “I met him two years ago and we immediately connected on a musical and personal level. I am so honored to sing this song with him in Spanish, English, and Italian. It is truly an international project.”

Yatra added, “Matteo is a terrific artist and I am deeply excited about singing such a beautiful song with him. Also, about having the opportunity of doing so in Spanish, English, and also Italian. I’ve always been inspired by the Italian language and its music; starting from Matteo’s father Andrea Bocelli. Matteo and I had a spectacular time in Malta shooting the video and hopefully; we will get to sing this song live many times.”

The pair is not new to including distinct languages in their songs. Earlier this year, Sebastián Yatra joined forces with John Legend for a bilingual version of his hit song “Tacones Rojos”. Bocelli, on the other hand, released a Spanish version of his song “Dimmi” (“Dime” in Spanish.)

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