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Noah Cyrus Shares Painful “I Burned LA Down”

Singer-songwriter and actress Noah Cyrus released her first song in a year, “I Burned LA Down.”

Noah’s First Song in One Year

Noah Cyrus is officially back. The singer’s last project was 2021’s joint EP alongside PJ Harding, People Don’t Change. And, prior to that release, her last solo project was 2020’s mini-album THE END OF EVERYTHING. Now, she’s giving us new music to enjoy, and the wait was definitely worth it.

“I Burned LA Down” showcases a deeper side of Noah. If you’ve listened to her music before, you know she doesn’t hold back from letting her feelings out in the open. Well, this song is not the exception. The track narrates how she was in a relationship where she wasn’t treated as important, and the other person would always be making plans without her.

“I waste my brеath on a prayer, you don’t care. I was nevеr a part of the plan. You can’t make a God of somebody. Who’s not even half of a half-decent man…Yeah, I burned LA down and you left me there,” Noah sings.

California’s Wildfires Inspired “I Burned LA Down”

“Living in California, you’re constantly living with this dread of wildfire season,” Noah says. “At the time, I was reeling from my breakup, and Caldor was dominating the news. All this internal, emotional pain I was feeling was intertwined with the anxiety around this out-of-control fire and climate change in general. The song took shape around the idea that the only way my ex could comprehend the scale of my emotions was if I became this agent of chaos and set the entire city on fire. That idea of your internal struggle manifesting itself in the real world and affecting your surroundings is a big theme of the record, and that song feels so much bigger than anything I’ve written before.”

“I Burned LA Down” came accompanied by a wide-opening visual. In it, we see Noah wearing different beautiful outfits while being surrounded by fire as she sings the song. To escape, she rides her horse away and never looks back.

Her New Album The Hardest Part is Coming in July!

The song is also the lead single off Noah’s recently-announced upcoming album The Hardest Part, set for release on July 15. So, mark your calendars because more music is coming very soon!

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