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Marshmello and Juice WRLD Say “Bye Bye”

Music producer Marshmello keeps rapper Juice WRLD’s memory alive on the posthumous trap single, “Bye Bye.” The duo officially released the July 2020 tracks “Come & Go“ and “Hate the Other Side.” However, Marshmello hints at (at least) eight other unreleased tracks within the vault.

“Bye Bye“ was first teased in February 2019 via Instagram Live, with a full-length leak later in September 2019.

Music producer Marshmello keeps rapper Juice WRLD's memory alive on the posthumous trap single, "Bye Bye".

“Bye Bye” by Marshmello and Juice WRLD

“I made this song the first night that I met Juice,” Mello said in a statement. “I was already such a big fan of his, and being able to work with him and make music with him was an absolute honor. With this song, I intended to keep it exactly the way we made it that night.”

On the new single, Chicago rapper Juice WRLD leaves his ex-girlfriend and moves on. He delivers many images of cutting people off, whether he references the hit anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and banishes evil or does the iconic Matrix bend. But before delving too much into the track’s spiteful lyrics, the first line is Marshmello’s producer tag, “Mello made it right.”

Instantly, Juice’s autotuned ad-libs ride along the intro’s jingle and appear to be a smooth listen. However, the producer energizes the bass and floods the chorus with an electric and exciting vibe.

Juice dominates the chorus, “I hit her with a bye-bye, bye-bye / You’re out your mind / I’m out of pills / And you’re out of lies / It stays dark outside / Even when it’s daytime.”

“My main thing with everything that me & Juice did is I’m keeping it the same way it was when he was alive… I’m not changing it, I’m not remixing it, or adding stuff, I’m keeping it the same way,” Marshmelo told Z100 New York. “What we both agreed on in the studio, that’s what’s going to come out.”

What do you think of Marshmello and Juice WRLD’s new posthumous single, “Bye Bye”? Let us know in the comments!

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