Mark Ambor Feels Better With “Company”

Rising indie-pop artist Mark Ambor released his latest track, “Company.”

Quarantined Times Inspired “Company”

Mark has captured the hearts of millions, emerging as one of pop music’s freshest voices. After the success of his recent single, “The Long Way” – which received over 1.2 million streams in under a month – Mark returns with “Company,” a self-produced pop anthem gleaming with bright synths and live drums. His rapid ascent from unknown to breakout viral success in a month’s time was impressive! This places him on a trajectory with some of the most exciting names in rising pop music today. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind “Company,” Mark says, “I wrote this song during quarantine when I was missing everyone and everything that made me feel alive. I was talking to a girl that I was falling away from, I hadn’t seen my friends in a while. The whole idea of the song just flowed out of me over a piano riff one day. The idea is simple: life is better with each other. Which, for me, really highlights an important feeling I want to convey; realizing we’re not alone and celebrating ourselves, with one another, for all we’re worth.”

On his Instagram account, Mark added, “When Mike Bloom sent me the first rough cut of the Company lyric video it reminded me why I made this song. It’s about all the people that I love and that make my life better. Thanks for being here and for allowing me to make music everyday. Hope this one makes you smile.”

Mark Ambor: The Indie-Pop Star on the Rise

23-year-old New York native Mark Ambor is a self-taught guitarist, producer, and vocalist.  Mark started his musical endeavors by playing piano at the age of 7. While music has been a constant throughout his life, this past year has been the most defining for him as an artist. By sharing a variety of demos and covers on social media, he has rapidly captured the hearts of fans who are eager to hear more from him. In October 2020, he had just 2000 Instagram followers.  Mark Ambor has now grown his audience to 235K on Instagram and 236K on TikTok.

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