BENEE Unveils Heartbreaking “Doesn’t Matter”

BENEE has shared her second single of the year. “Doesn’t Matter” is a sweet but heartbreaking ballad about her mental health struggles.

BENEE Has Stayed Busy This Month

Just last week, BENEE was featured in Dreamer Boy’s catchy track “Are You Letting Go?” And, just one week prior, she released her first single of the year. “Somebody That I Used to Know,” as the title suggests, is a magical cover of the Gotye classic. BENEE beautifully infused the track with her own style and made it sound like an entirely new song. If you haven’t yet, make sure to go check it out.

Now, only two weeks later, BENEE is back with her first original song of the year. “Doesn’t Matter” talks about her addressing her mental health problems but fearing that nobody will care. “Maybe I’m consumed by my mental. Does it hurt me? Maybe, oh, well. If I medicate, would it help me? ‘Cause I’m hurting, I feel unwell,” she sings in the first verse of the song. 

“Doesn’t Matter” Addresses her Mental Health Struggles

“It seems like a very long time since I’ve released any music,” BENEE says. “This year has been very difficult for me and many other people, and I’ve had times that I’ve really felt my lowest. I wrote ‘Doesn’t Matter’ during one of these periods when I felt truly overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck. I was diagnosed with OCD, which actually helped me understand myself better.” 

She continues, “This song ponders on what it would be like to feel truly carefree and how much easier life would be. Sometimes, it’s hard for people who don’t suffer from anxiety or depression to really understand what it’s like for us. People telling you not to worry or saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ don’t understand that it’s not that simple. Having had help to learn how to deal with my own anxiety and depression, I want others to know that there is a way through.”

With this song, BENEE hopes to help others who are struggling with the same mental health issues. 

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