“Marea” Is The Summer According To Madame

Hybrid of genres

Not just a summer hit. This, at least, is the goal of Madame for her new single “Marea“. Class of ’02, Madame is without doubt one of the most successful and talented artists of the new music generation. Her first albumMADAME, dropped just a few months ago, is already an incredible confirmation of the girl’s distinction.

Impossible to categorize her songs, Madame ranges from the songwriting to a particular rap never heard before. The new single “Marea,” however, is completely different to the previous works. A summer sound that doesn’t have anything in common with the classic reggaeton. This, in a few words, could be a briefest description of the track. Hybrid of genres, “Marea” has a distorted dance chorus with Asian inspirations. The rhymes follow the classic scheme of rap music, because the assonances of the words are a plus for musicality.

It’s a song that talks about intimate relationships, with a simple metaphor. Fundamental the productions of Dardust and Bias, if the single works are also their merits. What returns every time is the atmosphere of the desert, for the chorus and for the images of the videoclip both. With her last drop, Madame tries to make another version of the classic summer hit. “Marea” indeed contains all Madame’s secrets, everytime more clear of the precedents. The singer simply doesn’t have that fear of being nude in front of her fans, because she doesn’t care about it. At only 19 years old, the young artist already shows a different attitude from her peers. If Madame will be the next big thing in the future, well, just time will say that.

Currently, as little more than a teenager, she has the talent to be aspiring to land on the international top charts for the next few years. And this is not only because of her lovely voice, because now that is not enough anymore. She has that dedication and attention to the details that are fundamental for a longlived career in the music biz. In the meantime, “Marea” is now conquesting a large part of Italy. The fans go mad for the girl. Not just a one-hit wonder, and Madame is demonstrating that already.

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