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“Banzai (Lato arancio)” is the undiscovered personality of Frah Quintale

Romantic, eclectic, charismatic and talented. In two words? Frah Quintale. Originally from Brescia, Italy, the songwriter is now living probably the best moment of his career.

The other side of Frah Quintale

After successes like “Venere e Marte” and “Si può darsi“, Frah Quintale comes out with a new project called “Banzai (Lato arancio)“.

Ten tracks between Frah’s mind and pen, a sort of independent prosecution of the latest album “Banzai (Lato blu)“. There’s material for all listeners, from pop songs like “Chicchi di riso” to the melancholic “Se avessi saputo“, that ends the album with a huge sadness. Unlike this, however, the concept is simple and much different from his past work. “Lato arancio”, which in Italian literally means orange side, is the undiscovered personality of the 32 years old singer, who in the past never showed this part.

Inspired by the approaching summer, Frah’s mood is surprisingly joyful and almost grateful for the tough life he never appreciated before. Something has changed in the last year, good or bad, and we can listen to the gratitude in his words.

“Frah Quintale@Flog” by Valentina Ceccatelli is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Perfect mixing of different genres

Pianeta 6“, inspired by Daft Punk, is another song that deserves a mention. With his perfect marriage between autotune and the vocal part, it’s surely one of the strongest points of the album. The production is also really suitable; in fact, genres like funk, hip hop and dance sounds are the perfect closing to a colored album like this. It’s a different Frah Quintale, but also the familiar at the same time.

This is because the Italian artist never lost his nature. He can change his style but he’ll never do something that changes his particular way of being. A sincere one, that every artist should have. And this is not only about genres and categories.


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