Måneskin Released Their New Single “Mammamia”

Last Friday, Måneskin released their new single Mammamia.

ManeskinThe band announced the song with TikTok videos and Instagram posts only a few days before the release, leaving everyone speechless. The Instagram post and song cover represents the bassist Victoria De Angelis with a hand in her blue jeans, wearing a belt with the title of the song on top. The cover recalls the 1971 album cover Sticky Fingers by the famous English rock band the Rolling Stones.

The Italian rock band was formed in Rome in 2016. The members used to play together in the streets of the city. Soon after, they got on the 2017 X Factor Italia, where they finished second. They released multiple popular singles, as Chosen, Morirò da Re and Torna a Casa, but their biggest success arrived in 2021. After winning the Italian song contest Festival di Sanremo with the song “ZITTI E BUONI“, Måneskin played and won at the Eurovision Song Contest. They immediately gained a huge number of fans, especially due to their charisma. They went viral on TikTok, where people made the Eurovision winning song, “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Beggin’” a success.

The song is about the impression that people have of you

In the song, Måneskin replies to all the critiques they received in the last few months. For example, the verse “I swear that I’m not drunk and I’m not taking drugs” is very famous. It refers to the accusation received by the French team after winning the Eurovision. They dropped the accusation few days after.

Damiano, the singer, commented “We wrote this song right after Eurovision. Fortunately, we were able to write this song in a few hours. We are sure it is a real banger.” This song also talks about the different impression other people often have of you.”

Along with the song, Måneskin released a lyrics video

In the video, Damiano David, Victoria de Angelis, Thomas Raggi ed Ethan Torchio are sitting in a car. Victoria, bassist and first member of the band, drives. The other members smoke, drink and sing along, and still they managed to released a captivating video that keeps the audience glued to the screen. Once again, this is a response to all the critics they received for their disheartened behavior.

The song was an immediate success

Måneskin’s new single debuted directly at position 24 on Spotify’s Global chart, making it the highest new entry of the week. Now they have 3 songs in the chart, together with I wanna be your slave and Beggin’, respectively in 38th and 13th place.
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