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Maisie Peters Takes the Lead on “Not Another Rockstar”

Maisie Demonstrates Her Music Experience

English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters released her new single “Not Another Rockstar,” following August releases “Good Enough” and “Blonde.” Maisie Peters is embracing her new era to the max. Just this past August, she revealed that the You Signed Up For This era was  officially coming to an end after less than a year since her debut album release. In addition, she unveiled two new singles weeks apart from each other. Now, she’s ready to keep sharing new music, and she’s having as much fun as she can.

“Not Another Rockstar” Is Ferocious

“Not Another Rockstar” sees Maisie on a completely new energy level. In this song, she’s ferocious, mighty, and hard-coresomething we hadn’t really seen from her in the past. She talks about starting to date a new boy, who she quickly realizes is not what she thought. This new guy is all over himself and cares more about him than Maisie. 

“Hand me down jewels and your dirty blonde hair/I think ‘You’re so cool and different,’ and then/The law pulls up and you won’t get in the car/And I’m like, ‘Oh, goddamn, not another rockstar,'” Maisie sings in the chorus.

“I wrote ‘Not Another Rockstar’ about my very debatable track record with men,” Maisie says. “The song aims to make fun at me and my decisions and them and their guitars, and it feels right that I wrote it with Ines who is my best friend because she was literally rolling her eyes at every line like ‘too real’. I hope everyone comes out of this song realizing the true rockstar was in fact me. Obviously. No longer the rockstar’s girlfriend, we are the whole rockstar these days, girls.”

She’s Starting Her New Tour Soon

Maisie is about to start her I’m Telling The Whole Of America tour this November. She’s going to make 5 exclusive stops throughout the US and Canada: New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. To get your tickets, visit


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