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Maisie Peters Is Strikingly Candid On “Body Better”

The newest promising pop princess, Maisie Peters released “Body Better” on January 27, laying the foundation for her new music era. 

Pop’s new promising princess Maisie Peters releases “Body Better” on January 27, laying the foundation for her new music era. 

The New Era

With the announcement of “Body Better” Maisie Peters reveals on her social media accounts that her forthcoming sophomore album is coming sooner than later. She bares all her honest yet irrational thoughts and emotions as she watches the one she loves fall for someone else. 

Peters had this to say about “Body Better” via her Instagram account:

“the first single of the new album, body better, coming soon 🌪 it’s a song about vulnerability and quiet, forbidden fury; about heartbreak and insecurity so deeply rooted you have no idea where it begins or ends. it’s my most honest song in a long time, and i can’t wait to begin this era with u all – there’s witchcraft in this one.” 

-Maisie Peters via Instagram (@maisiehpeters)

“Body Better”

With an upbeat groovy pop bassline, “Body Better” sees Maisie searching for answers in the midst of tumultuous heartbreak. Ultimately she reaches superficial conclusions while comparing herself to her ex’s new lover. She ends up blaming herself and questions her self worth in the midst of this breakup. Overall, her ex’s choice to move on with another has led her into a sunken place accompanied by physical insecurities. “The worst way to love somebody is to watch them love somebody else and then work out / Now, I can’t help thinking that she’s got a better body / Has she got a body better than mine?”

Maisie Peters Gets Candid About Her Ex

While Maisie’s ex weaves through relationship trials and tribulations effortlessly with another, she ponders why they could not. The singer’s ex-lover finds prosperity in this new relationship while Maisie wonders why they chose someone else over her.  “If you love her / Was I just an idea you like? / A convenient use of time / With obedient blue eyes,” she questions if the feelings were ever genuine.

Peters’ storytelling in “Body Better” allows us to question along with her why the relationship came to an end. Their love was perfect in her eyes. She gave all of herself; treating them with the utmost respect. And they were aware of the light Peters brought to their life. Further, her ex would reassure her she did not say or do anything wrong to cause the breakup. But, that has left Peters awestruck in the wake of this heartbreak.

Moreover, the singer believed she had found her soulmate, so she could never expect this outcome. “Got your heartbeat at its best / You were it for me / Did I just not do it for you superficially / ‘Cause you were it for me,” she writes in “Body Better.” Maisie Peters bleeds her heart out with her poetic songwriting. Fans are loving the heartbreaking and relatable “Body Better.” And they will be counting down the days until the new LP. 

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