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Maisie Peters Drops Deluxe Version of “The Good Witch”

Maisie Peters has just dropped the deluxe version of her sophomore album, 'The Good Witch.'

Maisie Peters and The Good Witch (Deluxe)

Four months after the release of her second album, The Good Witch, Maisie Peters has released the deluxe version of the LP. The Good Witch (Deluxe) includes six new tracks.

The original version of the album is a No. 1 LP in the UK. According to Michael Major at Broadway World, “Maisie’s No.1 has made her the youngest British female solo act since 2014 to claim a #1, and the youngest artist to claim a #1 since Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour.”

In an Instagram post, Peters spoke about the deluxe version’s creation.

“the good witch deluxe out now :’)))) six new songs. it’s a strange but beautiful thing to add a few last chapters to this story – i guess i’m never just quite finished talking am i! thank u to everyone who made any of these 21 songs with me, u are all so magic and i’m so grateful for the world we created. thank u to anyone who has taken this album in, given it a little piece of their life and their heart, i will never forget this year. let me know which songs are your favourites!!!!! i love u i love u i love u truly the good witch forever 🥲”

The six extra tracks in the deluxe version are as follows:

  • “Holy Revival”
  • “Yoko”
  • “The Song”
  • “Guy On A Horse”
  • “Truth Is”
  • “The Last One”

Listen to The Good Witch (Deluxe) in its entirety below.

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