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Sigrid Drops New EP, “The Hype”

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, famously known as Sigrid, just dropped her second EP, The Hype. Following the release of her previous albums, Sucker Punch (2019) and How to Let Go, the singer immediately received huge support from all her fans, old and new, for the projects.

Both the albums in fact charted in both Norway and the United Kingdom, increasing the notoriety of the singer in the two countries, as well as worldwide.

The once-rising phenomenon is now an acclaimed and affirmed star, and The Hype is the proof. Discover Sigrid’s new EP here on MusicDaily.

Sigrid live in Bergen, Norway. Photo retrieved from the artist’s official Instagram account. Picture taken by @rojferman.

The Hype

Pop-infused and straight to the point, The Hype is a four-song EP from Norwegian new wonder, Sigrid. Released at the end of October, it took only a few days for it to reach the stars, with thousands of fans rushing to all streaming platforms to witness the irreverent, open-hearted and personal new work. Alternating more complex songs with some that are more focused on the song and use the help of a lonely guitar, such as “Ghost,” the short release is extremely varied, but kept together by the beauty of Sigrid’s particular and unusual voice.

“Borderline is for the ones thinking of doing things you shouldn’t do, Ghost is for the architects who built up scenarios in their heads and got disappointed when it didn’t go according to plan,” wrote the singer on her social accounts, talking directly to the fans who never lose a chance to see the point of view of the singer and share her emotions. “The Hype is for the bitter ones and Wanted It To Be You is for the ones who say they’re totally over it, but also maybe not so over it.” 

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