December 06, 2022

Lyn Lapid Releases the Perfect Tunnel Song


18-year-old Tiktok singer/songwriter, Lyn Lapid, dropped her third single “Infinite” last Wednesday.

Lapid took the internet by storm when she sang a snippet of her eventual first single “Producer Man” on Tiktok. Lapid was then signed by Republic Records and released the song under their label. The Tiktok now has 8.3 million likes and over 50 million views and the song has over 17 million streams on Spotify.

In an exclusive interview we did with Lapid she discussed her new single, Tiktok fame and plans for the future.

Lapid expressed that her new single talks about the romanticization of being a teenager and how it connects to a popular coming of age movie.

“I wrote a song about…wanting to be the main character but feeling as if you’re missing out because social media romanticizes your teen years,” Lapid states. “I also used the ending line of the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower in the chorus…because it’s a famous coming of age movie.”

Lapid advertised the song on Tiktok as the perfect tunnel song. This is inspired by the famous scene from Perks of Being a Wallflower where one of the main characters stands on the bed of a truck while they drive through a tunnel.

“Infinite” is a dreamy, immersive record that makes you feel alive in every sense of the word. Listening to this track makes you feel as if you’re floating and free from all expectations. Overall, it’s the perfect track to play at max volume when standing up out of your sunroof as a friend drives through a tunnel.

Lapid’s Future in Music has “Infinite” Possibilities

Lapid explained that while she appreciates her start on Tiktok, she hopes to bring her audience to other platforms and eventually become a well-known artist rather than a Tiktok musician.

“I definitely want to branch off from Tiktok,” Lapid states. “I feel like most of the people who follow me know me as a Tiktok singer and someone who makes covers…but I’m just really eager to be a lot more, and just be an artist, and have more songs out.”

Lapid also gave us some hints about some special projects she’s been working on.

“I do have some special artist projects in the works, not an album, but close to it,” Lapid states.

Lapid’s success at such a young age is inspiring to young musicians everywhere and she is sure to accomplish anything her heart desires.



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