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Lukas Graham & Mickey Guyton Unite For “Home Movies”

Danish pop band Lukas Graham and multi-genre musical artist Mickey Guyton joined forces for the new melancholic ballad “Home Movies.”

4 (The Pink Album) Is Out On Friday

Lukas Graham is gearing up for the release of its new album 4 (The Pink Album,) coming out on January 20. The band has been sharing songs from the project for a while now, going as back as 2019 with the single “Lie.” Nevertheless, most of the teasers were released in 2022, like “All Of It All,” “Wish You Were Here” featuring Khalid, and “Share That Love” featuring G-Eazy. Now, they’re sharing one final single before the big release this week- “Home Movies.”


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Lukas Graham & Mickey Reminisce About Life On “Home Movies”

The new ballad, “Home Movies,” sees the band uniting with Mickey Guyton. The collaboration works flawlessly, as Lukas Graham’s vocalist Lukas Forchhammer and Mickey sound magical together. 

Firstly, “Home Movies” starts very slowly, with Lukas reminiscing about the important moments in his life that have made him the man he is today. Next, Mickey comes in for the second verse, agreeing with him about how everyone has a story that the entire world doesn’t know about. 

“There’s a story, I didn’t know we’d write it. However long it took, it’s an open book. If you love surprises. There’s a song underneath the silence. You can hear the crowd sing the words out loud. In just the right pitch,” Mickey sings in “Home Movies.”

The Pair Speak About The Ballad

“’Home Movies’ is a ballad, a duet that looks at life rather than love,” Lukas said. “The coincidence of boy meets girl and the retrospective understanding that life is lived in the present but understood backwards. Mickey’s vocals really make the lyrics that much better. My favorite line is from the chorus in “Home Movies” is: “everybody’s got a story no one knows’ and that’s the truth. We all have our inglorious moments and obscure pasts to deal with and that’s what makes life so beautiful; when we manage to rise above the prejudice and make something unique of ourselves.”  

“What a dream it has been to collab with Lukas Graham,” Mickey adds about “Home Movies.” “This song has a special heart to it that I hope y’all can relate to as much as I do. I can’t wait to sing this one live with you too Lukas.”

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