Lorde Releases Bonus Track “Hold No Grudge”

Lorde Releases bonus track single “Hold No Grudge” from her recently released album Solar Power. As of November 5, the audio video is out on YouTube. In this reflective song, Lorde demonstrates how she’s come a long way since her relationship ended.

Lorde’s Bonus Track, “Hold No Grudge” & Personal Growth

Throughout Lorde’s newly released bonus track “Hold No Grudge,” Lorde reflects on her past relationship and how she grew from it. At the beginning of the first verse, she walks herself through a precious memory. Then she acknowledges that she can’t recall these once so familiar voices anymore. She soon heard that a new relationship is in his life, and it’s a hard pill to swallow because she never imagined someone would take her place. She does not like how the relationship ended between her and her ex-lover. However, she knows that holding a grudge won’t do the situation any good.

Lyrical Breakdown of “Hold No Grudge”

It is common knowledge that even the healthiest relationships contain flaws. Lorde recognizes that she and her lover at the time have said some not-so-great things to each other. For example, “Well, I know that some sh*t was said and done but it’s such a different world now, I can’t hate anyone.” Whether they truly meant what they said to each other or not, Lorde grew from those relationship mistakes. She has no desire to hold a grudge against him and resent him for it. She wishes to move on with her life and wish him all the best. As the outro closes with “Acting my age, not my horoscope, guess that’s growing up. Now I’m sending you love and wishing you well wherever you are.” Her heart still holds some love from their relationship even if it is long over and she could never hate him.

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