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Lolo Zouaï Doesn’t Care On Banger “Scooter”

Lolo Zouaï does what she wants on “Scooter”"Scooter" single cover - Lolo Zouaï

Lolo Zouaï, the French-born hip-hop artist, has returned with Scooter.  The new single is the second from her expected sophomore album.  It comes after the lead single Galipette, a fusion of industrial-bass and french pop.  The influence of dark sonics and heavy bass carried through to her most recent single Scooter.  This shows a stark contrast to her 2019 debut album High Highs to Low Lows which featured a much more restrained and classic R&B production.  In this new era, it looks like Zouaï plans to let loose and experiment more with her artistry.

And she has fun doing it

What better way to experiment than with the London-based PC Music Label?  Well, on Scooter Zouaï brings in former collaborator Stelios and PC Music’s engineering expert Nömak.  As a result, we have a song filled with metallic plinks and shaded vroom-vrooms.  This, according to her, was all her voice and was edited by Nömak to create the beat of the song.  Further, at the end of the track is a beautiful overload of production that builds up into an abrupt crash.  It’s excitable and anxiety-inducing at the same time, but that is why it’s so fun.

Lyrically, Zouaï says whatever feels good.  In the chorus, she sings, “Everybody starin’ I don’t care and I’m feeling great/Get out my way.”  It perfectly encapsulates the playful energy in the song – the same energy of riding around in those electric scooters that cover city sidewalks.  On those “Limes” and “Birds” you might look silly as a stationary body zooming around at 20 mph, but who cares because you feel great doing it.  For Zouaï, that’s exactly what she channeled in this song.Lolo Zouaï Via Twitter

Follow the artist on tour with Dua Lipa

Now, while gearing up for her sophomore album, the San-Francisco/Brooklyn-based artist is touring with Dua Lipa for her Future Nostalgia Tour.  The tour starts early next year and will feature Zouaï along with Caroline Polachek and Megan Thee Stallion.  Check out our On-Stage section for details, and follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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