Tonia Drops Debut Single “Flux”

Up-and-coming jazz-pop artist Tonia released her debut single “Flux.” 

Get to Know Tonia’s Jazz-Pop Tunes

Tonia’s music was never going to be one of simplicity, that fit perfectly into a box and drove her down a niche path of reductive genre-focused mundanity. Growing up in a musical family, she found herself surrounded by pianists and opera singers, pop-lovers, and dad rock fans. Whilst her Grandad played her Chet Baker, her sister listened to Lily Allen. “Flux” reflects exactly that, as it is a slow yet moving jazz-pop track.

She leaned into the jazz-influenced pop she is now synonymous with. More recently, noted as one of acclaimed LIMF Academy’s most promising artists.  “Flux” demonstrates just why Tonia gained that title. Exploring painful topics, she pours the internal, out. Delving into breakups and painful realizations, the track explores “not appreciating what you have until it’s too late, when there’s no going back.” Observing the painful reality of not treating someone how they deserved to be treated, as they did you.

She Gets Personal on “Flux”

“I’m getting sick of writing about relationships,” she laughs, whilst releasing a song about that very experience. But for someone who is so avidly determined to fight against the limitations she once placed on herself whilst battling the all too familiar imposter syndrome, Tonia refuses to limit herself again. “The stuff I’m writing now is more personal, looking at who I am as a person.” 

It was her training in classical music songwriting that saw her find discipline and structure in narratives that were otherwise indecipherable. And with the recent acquisition of her band members, she found her once solitary, guitar-focused venture expand, “writing a song on a guitar and then hearing how it is with a band is so different; it’s still the same song, but it can take on a completely different direction.” 

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