Live Show Review: The Claudettes

Get ready to listen to one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard of with The Claudettes. And with live shows slowly coming back, the band is full-steam ahead making a name for themselves on the road. As they make their way through the US, The Claudettes have scheduled 10 shows in 11 days. We got to see a glimpse of them and catch up with them as they start to bring that great feeling of live music back to fans.

“As you can see, from the population of this room indoor shows are totally decimated right now. ‘Cause everyone is afraid. Partly because there is a contagious disease and partly because the news thrives on bad news,” bandleader/pianist Johnny Iguana said after the show. “I am wearing this mask, you’re wearing a mask and I don’t feel particularly unsafe right now in the scheme of things. I wish more people would come out but I understand and I’m just anxious to get through this time.”

The turnout was low during their stop in Colorado Springs at the Black Sheep. That didn’t stop the band from putting everything they had in each song and leaving those in attendance with an unforgettable experience. Lead vocalist Berit Ulseth talks about how good it was just to back out.

“It feels amazing [to be back], I’ve just missed being in front of people and just singing the songs I love and singing new songs. Even the unexpected things that have happened, everything was just the same for so long,” she said. “I am just really happy to have an opportunity to be back out doing what I love.”

The Claudettes


Its Bigger Than Music For The Claudettes

The Claudettes took this time to show off some of their new music as well as play their favorite pieces. Talking with Jonny, it’s clear to see how much thought and love the band has for music and each other.

“Day by day, week by week, the one thing our band says the most often to each other is that ‘mistakes don’t matter. Because the most boring thing to me is when a band plays perfectly and you can’t sense that it is a desperate situation for them. I think the heart of our band is obvious and our feelings for each other are obvious. I just think of the feeling of kinship and brotherhood among us and I hope it’s contagious and it would be great if that spread through a room because, talk about what the world needs now.”

And for this tour, it is all about seizing the moments we have. This past year and a half have shown many people just how quickly life can change and that there is no better time than the now.

“I always find it easy to be moved by ‘The Show Must Go On, The Show Must End.’ Because I had a relationship with my Dad where I realized as he was getting older, everything is a number. You get a certain amount of time to spend with somebody, and you shouldn’t fight with them unless you have to. You should be a little more kind and understanding.”

Right now, the band just finished their mini-tour and working on another project. Be on the lookout for that to drop soon but in the meantime check out their latest single “Kept Them in the Dark” out now.

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