February 06, 2023



GIRLI relishes in the drama with new single “Ricochet”

A look at the chaos in GIRLI’s relationships

Earlier this month, London-based musician GIRLI released her new single “Ricochet.”  The track, co-produced with Pier Danio Forni, serves as the third single released this year for her upcoming album titled “Damsel in Distress.”  In “Ricochet” we can see GIRLI utilizing brat-pop to convey how she has no problem with having fun in the destructive sides of a relationship.  “Our love it ricochets… like bullets in a cage,” the artist sings.  This is a metaphor for the destructive side of a relationship and how it can’t stop; like a bullet flinging around in a cage.  Girli in the Ricochet video

The new single sounds perfectly destructive 

The purposefully manic meaning behind the song translates perfectly into the production of the song.  The song is a mix of GIRLI’s feisty vocals paired with an industrial bass and an electronic chorus.  The song sounds tumultuous and radical, but something you want to indulge in.  In addition to the single, GIRLI also released a visualizer to pair with it.  When talking about the video she said, “The clip sums up the vibe of the song to me; playful, enjoying the destruction of something that’s meant to be pretty and cute and lovely.”

GIRLI is showing us what she wants to do in this era


Finally, the release of “Ricochet”, and her other two singles “Dysmorphia” and “More Than a Friend”, are the perfect start for her new era.  More than ever, it seems as if GIRLI is ready to fully embrace alternative pop on her own terms.  The confidence in her recent singles is apparent and felt.  Certainly, the release of this album is one to look out for.  Additionally, she announced a UK tour starting November 7th in Bristol.  Tickets are available at girlimusic.com, where you can find all of her additional festival and concert dates.

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