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Lil Mexico and Lil Durk Stay Strong on “Can’t Lose”

Lil Durk joins Lil Mexico on his latest single, “Can’t Lose,” littered with heavy trap beats, autotune, and lyrical resilience.

Lil Mexico and Lil Durk Stay Strong on “Can’t Lose”
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Artist Profile: Lil Mexico

Lil Mexico hails from the rural country town of Grays Court, South Carolina. His music is a reflection of his hometown, upbringing, and current state. But rather than reaching a mere population of 1,000, he reaches millions across the globe with social media. His crew, MMO, or “Money-Makin’ Outlaws,” is a group of locals he calls brothers. Lil Mexico details his and MMO’s upbringing on the album “Life Of An Outlaw” [produced by JetsonMade (worked with DaBaby, 21 Savage, PopSmokepurpp)]. Currently, his Spotify has 311,000 monthly listeners. He coats his raps with high-energy, charisma, and punchlines— similar to Lil Wayne, one of his influences.

Regarding his stage name, Audible Treats says, “[ Lil Mexico is] the son of a Black father and white mother, the artist’s friends joked that he resembled the neighboring Latinos. Coined ‘Lil Mix-ican,’ he used the teasing to his advantage when he released “Forever” just after graduating high school in 2017.”

His fanbase grew with the release of his Trench Baby mixtape series, solidifying his reputation in the south. With this exposure, his music caught the eyes of talents NGeeYL, Slimlife Shawty, and more for Trench Baby 2.5. With his recent release “Can’t Lose” featuring Lil Dirk, he pushes his reputation again to establish himself as one of the south’s most promising rappers.

“Can’t Lose” by Lil Mexico featuring Lil Durk

“Can’t Lose” sees the two rappers blend poetic lyricism and reflect on the things they witnessed, people lost. This single serves as Mexico’s third single from his upcoming project, Letter to the Trenches, coming May 11.

The third verse sees Lil Durk at his most vulnerable, rapping, “Thesе drugs got me trippin’, movin’, I be motion / I had his picture whеn he died, ain’t wanna post it.” Though Lil Mexico always refers to his past, it gets rapidly dark as he recalls murders and friends locked up. Then, recounting his own family tragedy, “A n*gga shot and killed my grandma back when I was young / My daddy went to jail and had me out here goin’ dumb /Make it out the trenches, that shit hard to overcome.”

While the trap production is loud, it is inevitable to feel captivated by both rappers and their conflict with the streets.


What do you think of Lil Mexico and Lil Durk’s latest song, “Can’t Lose”? Let us know in the comments!

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