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Ed Sheeran’s Intimate Theater Experience: the Subtract Tour

Amidst his current Mathematics Tour, Ed Sheeran is simultaneously putting on intimate theater performances in 14 venues across the United States.

The Mathematics Tour

Ed Sheeran has just kicked off his Mathematics Tour in Arlington, Texas on May 6th. He is supported by a range of opening acts throughout his 35-stop tour. These acts include Khalid, Russ, Ben Kweller, and a familiar MD Featured Artist, Maisie Peters.

The Mathematic Tour incorporates the complete collection of Ed Sheeran’s discography. It dates back to his 2011 debut album, “Plus,” which included hits like “The A Team” and “Lego House.” Since, Sheeran has released album after album following suit of the math-themed titles: Multiply (2014), Divide (2017), Equals (2021), and his latest, Subtract (2023).

The Subtract Tour: an Intimate Theater Experience

Unfortunately, not every city gets to enjoy an intimate theater experience with Ed Sheeran. The first stop was in Clearwater, Florida at Ruth Eckerd Hall. These performances are extra special in that the capacities for each venue are only a tiny fraction of the size of his stadium tour. The Subtract Tour offers the opportunity to listen to the singer’s new album in its entirety with a full band and opening act, Ben Kweller (for 12/14 of the shows).

Subtract released only a few weeks ago, on May 5th. It marks Sheeran’s most vulnerable and honest album, and comes during a busy period in the artist’s life. The album’s release comes right before his two tours, as well as his Disney Plus documentary, The Sum of it All, which is available for streaming now. Ed Sheeran celebrated the album’s release with this caption on his Instagram:

“I made this album as a way to make sense of things that go on inside my head, and immensely proud of it. I woke up this morning and just felt lighter. Lighter that the album is in the world, and lighter that people are connecting with it on such a deep and meaningful level. The only thing I want from this album is that people feel something when they listen to it. It makes us all feel less alone when we realise our most embarrassing, darkest feelings are things that everyone goes through.”

@teddysphotos on Instagram

Subtract is now available on all streaming platforms, and may be coming to a city near you. Check out the venues that Ed will be visiting for his intimate theater tour down below. Lastly, here’s everything you need to know about securing tickets to the Subtract Tour.

Ed Sheeran Subtract Tour poster
Credit: Subtract Tour poster

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