The “SEA/SONS” Are Changing So Give Abraham Alexander a Listen

With the recent release of Abraham Alexander’s new album SEA/SONS, we’re diving into the ins and outs of Alexander’s roots and the inspiration behind the songs, title, and themes of the record.

The Title SEA/SONS is a Homage to His Brothers

The album’s name stems from a family photograph Abraham has with his family. The photo shows him and his brothers diving into the water in Athens, Greece. Accordingly, the album title is split into “sea” and “sons” to honor that photograph. The album itself is about the constant wrestle with time. As children, Abraham explains that we are always wondering when the car ride or boredom or upset would be over. As adults, Abraham argues we instead wonder how long our joy will last. Thus, the album is titled SEA/SONS to embrace the seasons of life that people go through.

“People are singing those songs back to me,” Alexander says

Alexander introduces himself to his fans by getting them familiar with his past and his lived experiences. Abraham has grown stronger from the loss of his parents, who died in a car accident when he was 11, and his brother, Xavier, who was robbed and killed at 18. His struggle with family and childhood is prevalent throughout the album, but the album is an enthralling expression of his feelings. He puts his past behind him by channeling it into music. He uses blues and gospel to inspire his country music to represent his upbringing.

The Album Is Sandwiched Between Two Songs About His Brother, Xavier

Abraham’s brother, Xavier, died when he was 18. Alexander decided it was necessary to open and close the album with Xavier. Then, Alexander designed the bulk of the album, including on of his favorite songs, “Tears Run Dry.” In regard to the other songs, Abraham admits, “those songs just came flowing.” When Abraham and his manager weeded through the songs to include, they agreed unanimously aside from one song. His manager suggested that the concept album be a progression through time, sharing a narrative with listeners. Now, the final sequencing “gives [Abraham] chills.” Alexander hopes the album honors the people he has lost and the people that still guide him today.

Abraham Alexander and Fort Worth, TX

Would Abraham ever move to a big-name city to get closer to the music industry? The answer is no. He says, “Home is where you’re amplified the most.” His friends, family, and others tie him down in Fort Worth. Alexander tried to move away to London to explore his music, but he found himself constantly missing home.

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