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“La Ducha Remix”: ELENA ROSE And Her Girls Cry Out For Sexual Freedom

ELENA ROSE’s last project is definitely the next hit of this winter. And Rose continues to bless us with her new single “La Ducha Remix. The Miami songwriter counts on several collaborations for this rendition. Maria Becerra, Tini, Becky G, and Greeicy are the guests on a song which speaks Latin America’s Spanish, with four countries involved: Argentina (Maria Becerra, Tini), Mexico (Becky G), Colombia (Greeicy), and Venezuela (ELENA ROSE).

ELENA dropped the original version of “La Ducha” in 2020, and things went pretty good, with almost ten million clicks and good media coverage. That was the third track of her singing career, after some contributions as a co-writer for artists like Rauw Alejandro, Selena Gomez, CNCO and Maluma. ELENA ROSE, who’s 27 years old now, has started to make her own music just in 2020. And in only two years she has achieved more than anyone could have expected after such a short time.

“La Ducha Remix” cries out for sexual freedom, something that’s still a tabù in our times. Especially, for women. It does it with a classic reggaeton ballad, nowadays always closer to the pop genre. This might be ELENA ROSE’s consecration, the first chapter of a long path destined to big things. She had to work hard and behind the scenes in order to get all the curiosity she’s finally getting. Her story continues, with chapters left to write. And after two years full of singles, ELENA ROSE is now ready for something more complex, such as an album.

ELENA ROSE is the hitmaker you probably didn’t know before, even though she has always put her own creativity in almost every song of your favorite artist. But, now it’s her time to shine.

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