Kyle Dion Drops The Boisterous “SASSY” Album

“SASSY” Overview

Kyle Dion is more than just “SASSY” on his latest album, released September 17th– he’s boisterous! The rising star uses full creative control over production, putting clipped endings of scruff audio recordings or laughter. More notably known for his heavenly falsetto and groovy vibes, “SASSY” is unapologetic and loud, adding the occasional rock flare for effect. He simply has fun, which makes this record a joy to listen to. (If you like SZA, you will definitely like Kyle Dion.)

“No Rules” is the Perfect Introduction

The beginning track, “No Rules,” does the heavy lifting for the album’s theme and production. His relationship plays by the rulebook; there’s no freedom to explore, so he tells his girl to “break the rules” with him. He sets the record straight, “Always free to do what you want / Yes, there’s options / We’re choosy, yeah.” Kyle mixes audio calls with heavy vocal layering and answering backing vocals, immersing the listener in his plea. So, while the production is vibrant, it doesn’t overpower his vocals and self-conversation, making for a smooth intro.

Kyle Wants Success on “Money”

“Money” is another success for Kyle Dion. The artist chooses a relaxed approach to production, using a steady guitar progression and sparse vocal effects. But, his lyrics contradict his easygoing attitude, “I don’t need you, I need money / F*ck your feelings, I need money.” It’s clear that although he loves his life, he wants something more or better for himself. “SASSY” sees Kyle free himself from constraints and voicing not only relationship desires but professional wants as well.

Other Hot Tracks on “SASSY”

The singer-songwriter tells RatedRnB being sassy is “seen as being live and saying whatever the f*ck you feel.” This quote resonates in other tracks on the album. In “Kiss Me Back,” another superb track, Kyle doesn’t shy away from the truth, “How did we get so lost? / Hard to feel emotions / We’re not open, we should talk.” The track is still cruisy but has more up-beat production, with drums and cymbals pumping the message throughout. Also, “Appetite,” hits the nail on the head one last time before closing the album with a subtle rock flare. “I got a big appetite / It’s been a long time since my stomach hurt/ I ain’t seen the world in a minute,” he sings. Again, he doesn’t shy away from speaking of his wants and desires, needing to satisfy his appetite and do more. 

 Do you enjoy this album just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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