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Bebe Rexha Recruits Snoop Dogg For 4/20 Anthem ‘Satellite’

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha recruits none other than the cannabis king Snoop Dogg for a new 4/20 anthem, “Satellite.” The unexpected yet most appropriate collaboration dropped on 4/20. “Satellite” marks the third single of Rexha’s upcoming self-titled album Bebe. In fact, the album is set for release next Friday, April 28. 

Bebe Rexha would promote the disco pop/rap crossover on her social media accounts with a video of her and Snoop smoking a blunt together. 

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha recruits none other than the cannabis King Snoop Dogg for a 4/20 anthem “Satellite.”
Credit: Bebe Rexha ft. Snoop Dogg “Satellite” Single Cover @BebeRexha Via Instagram.

Bebe Rexha Goes To Space With Snoop Dogg

“Satellite” steers us into a spacey trance through groovy bass and disco beats. Building to a fiery disco-pop beat drop, Bebe belts on the hook about her trippy marijuana experience. “Last night, I got higher than a satellite (Ah) / I took a one-way ticket, it’s a one-man mission to paradise (Ah) / Last night, I got higher than a satellite (Ah) / I made a bad decision, baby, now I’m startin’ to feel alright.”

Next, rapper Snoop Dogg hops on “Satellite” with his signature flows and delivery, rhyming about the Neptunes and the Stratosphere. “I’m the captain here, my dear / No veers, just steer, through the atmosphere / DPGC, we be Snoopy, Bebe / Blow smoke with a woosh of lightin’ / It’s private, no more commercial flight (Ah) / I’m cool with the Neptunes and more / Stratosphere, outta here.”

“Satellite” Music Video

In addition, the “Satellite” music video was released on 4/20. The visual begins with Snoop Dogg appearing out of nowhere next to Bebe. She expresses to Snoop her long-time desire to travel to outer space. And Snoop, while smoking his blunt of course, tells Bebe he can help with that. 

The “Satellite” video then transitions to an animated universe where Rexha and Snoop are designed as characters similar to The Jetsons. Snoop has green skin and a marijuana leaf-shaped goatee. The duo spots a ginormous weed leaf while Bebe launches a green rocket into space. After that, a disco ball drops and Bebe performs to a crowd full of weed-nugget characters. 

“Working with Snoop is a dream,” Rexha tells People in a new interview. She sent the track to Snoop via Instagram DM and received a response from him the following day. “He called me at 7 the next morning with a big blunt in his hand being like, ‘Yo, check your email. You have an email.’” Snoop sent his verse the next morning. And that’s how the 4/20 anthem “Satellite” came to be.

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