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TikTok Trends: Dive Into R&B Artist Kamal’s ‘So Here You Are, Drowning’

With nearly 900,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Kamal is an up-and-coming R&B/lofi artist that you may have stumbled across on TikTok.

Artist Profile: Kamal.

Kamal has been described as an artist who combines soulful vocals with introspective lyrics. At 20 years old, he does a great job at creating a unique sound that is both emotionally evocative and sonically captivating. On March 17th, Kamal released a 10-track mixtape that dives into the British singer’s life and relationships.

Kamal’s discography began back in 2019 with his release of the single, “decline.” He followed it up in March of 2020 with another single, “homebody.” For the past few years, he has released a single here and there – just enough to satiate fans and leave them yearning for more. That is, until he finally released his mixtape.

So Here You Are, Drowning

Credit: Kamal’s So Here You Are, Drowning cover art

So here you are, drowning begins with my favorite track, “free flow.” Kamal eases us into his mixtape with a story of unrequited love and letting that special someone go. It’s a great introduction into Kamal for those who are getting acquainted with his music and artistry. He exercises vulnerability, both in his musical abilities as well as in his lyrical storytelling. It’s a slow intro to dip your toes into before being immersed into the world that he creates.

One particular thing that I enjoyed uncovering about this album was the inspiration behind the title. So here you are, drowning draws from a line in the novel “Open Water” by Caleb Azumah Nelson:

“You have always thought if you opened your mouth in open water you would drown, but if you didn’t open your mouth you would suffocate. So here you are, drowning.”

― Caleb Azumah Nelson, Open Water

Throughout the album, pay attention to the way Kamal uses instruments to mimic the sounds and emotions that he is singing/rapping about. In tracks like “falling,” he strategically uses guitar riffs to communicate the lyrics in a way that goes beyond spoken word.

Overall, so here you are, drowning is one hell of an official introduction into the music world. Kamal is one of those rising stars you want to know before everyone else. So make sure you check out his mixtape down below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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