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“Numb”: Behind the New Khalid There’s the Hand of Marshmello

Dropped on the 10th of June, “Numb” is the new collaboration between Marshmello and Khalid. But let’s start from the beginning, it’s the typical song you wouldn’t expect from an artist like Khalid.

Marshmello/Khalid: atypical couple

The 24 years old songwriter is known for his particular attitude and the R&B notes, and it’s actually strange hearing him in this new version. Marshmello, with his work, has reinvented his mate in a different way. The originality of Khalid isn’t appreciable enough in this track, but sounds good though.

We’re talking about a summer mood, sewn on the skin of the singer by his producer. A drop that has more the influence of the discography of Marshmello than viceversa. But, on the other side, Khalid has been able to reinvent himself and lend his musical talent to another head.

He’s not anymore the Suncity/American teen’s guy, or at least not anymore. He’s trying to evolve his artistic sadness and melancholy in a different and propositive mood. You can be unsatisfied with it, but it’s a choice, his choice. Intelligently, Khalid didn’t commit the mistake that many artists do: get used to something that works nicely. And maybe, the collaboration with Marshmello, big of the pop genre and producer with billions of listeners, makes sense for this reason.

The lightness of “Numb”

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from all the heaviness of the world. Khalid has shown us all his feelings and weaknesses, so it’s time for him to be free. Marshmello is the right guy for this, a capable and smart producer who’s able to drop out a hit for every season of the year. It won’t be the track of the year, the one which is remembered forever. But, really, who cares?

It’s time to think about music in a different way, each artist has his own necessities, and the couple Marshmello/Khalid needs this right now. “Numb” is something new, not expected from this duo, already a great starter for the summer. 

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