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Lindsey Lomis Drops New EP ‘Daydreaming’

Lindsey Lomis has just dropped her newest EP, Daydreaming, and it’s the perfect new music obsession.

Lindsey Lomis’ ‘Daydreaming’

lindsey lomis daydreaming ep cover
Photo Credit: Red Light Management

Lindsey Lomis has recently dropped her latest EP: Daydreaming. Listening to Daydreaming is like “listening to one of your closest friends tell a story.” That’s how Red Light Management, Lomis’ representation, described the artist’s EP.

This is the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Nashville’s third EP. It follows her second EP from 2020, In the Madness. Lomis’ debut EP, Chapter I, was released back in 2019.

lindsey lomis red light management daydreaming ep
Photo Credit: Red Light Management

This new EP Daydreaming is an R&B and pop album with hints of soul, indie pop, and dreamy pop.

Red Light Management interviewed Lomis about herself and her EP, during which she spoke about all her songs and their meanings.


“Daydreaming” is full of satisfying instrumentation and relatable lyrics—though, all Lomis’ lyrics in this EP are relatable. “Daydreaming” is about the times when you’re so in love all you want to do is think about the person who occupies your mind 24/7. In her bio with Red Light Management, Lomis said that she spends 90% of her time daydreaming, so she was glad the song turned out so well.

“call me when u get home”

“call me when u get home” is such a comforting song. Lomis sings about checking in with the people she cares about. I wrote it as a check-in for my friends to make sure they get home safely,” she told Red Light Management. I always tell them to text me when they get home. I think about it on a regular basis. The world can be dark for women and young girls. However, the song can apply to guys or parents too. Its something I talk about all the time, so why not write and sing about it? The song is upbeat, but still soft. Check out her music video for this song below!

“save your breath”

“save your breath” is much more pop. The song is about seeing someone cute, but then discovering they have a horrible personality. It’s very fun and cheeky. Check out the music video for the song below!

“die with my friends”

“die with my friends” is smooth and sweet. I wrote it to my friends before they left for college,” she says in that same bio interview. It was the last summer with these people who I had grown up with, and I was bummed out about that. Theyre like my sisters. Theyve given me so much advice. So, I thought of this naïve idea of living our lives together and growing old.” Watch the heartfelt music video for ”die with my friends” below!


lindsey lomis red light management daydreaming ep album
Photo Credit: Red Light Management

“DISAPPEARING ACT” is slow and minimalistic. Lomis wrote “DISAPPEARING ACT” about a person she spent the night with then never saw again. “I’m not one for commitment, and usually I feel like I’m the bad guy for pushing people away,” she said in the interview about her EP. “But in this case, I was relieved we were both on the same page and completely vanished – like magic!”

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