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Kenia OS Surprises Me with “Mia Mia”

I’ve never heard of Kenia OS. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard her latest single. Not everything my fellow Hispanics bring to the table is the same. Basically, as of late I’ve been looking into a wide array of different songs from Hispanic artists. All in the hopes of finding that the same drum machine most popular artists use isn’t all we’ve got to offer. Kenia OS adds onto the pile of surprises, by having an incredibly distinct sound with her song “Mia Mia”


Kenia OS Surprises Me: 

I going to quickly touch upon the lyrics and vocals, as those are the things that don’t really stick out. They’re fine, and that’s really it. Kenia OS makes sure her ex knows you’re done with them and it’s her time now. So that’s a bit of a snore, but what’s really got me going is the production and direction of the music video. The latter of which has really bizarre and striking imagery, like an all white heart connected to some machines, pumping in chains. As for the production, it’s rave music. 

This is the kind of music you’d hear in a very specific club. Or in club fight scenes in action movies. It’s really well done and a great example of not using the same stupid drum machine. So I recommend checking out Kenia OS, even if it’s not all that impressive, it’s got some stuff worth watching. 

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