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Blood Orange Releases Four Songs EP

Blood Orange releases new Four Songs EP

Dev Hynes, famously known as Blood Orange, released his new Four Songs EP on September 16th. As a matter of fact, Four Songs is the first project from the singer-songwriter and producer in years. Raised in England, music from Blood Orange fuses soul, funk, post-punk, and chill wave sounds. However, the new EP from Blood Orange is heavily influenced by Alternative and R&B music.

“Jesus Freak Lighter”  

Firstly, the Four Songs EP kicks off with “Jesus Freak Lighter” which Blood Orange released as a teaser for the project. “Jesus freak” can be defined as a person who is consumed with their love and devotion for Jesus Christ. Blood Orange writes about a lover perhaps, that clouds his mind with fantasies. He falls deeply for this person to the point where he gets carried away. Blood Orange concludes the track singing “Fallen seed/Jesus freak/Broken fiber” 

“Something You Know”

I interpret the second track “Something You Know” as telling someone or himself that is struggling, to step outside their comfort zone. “Change out of something you know/Time stops for no one to glow/Nothin’ makes you feel good/Wonder, still if you could.” Life won’t change if you don’t change and try something new. When you are in a place of hopelessness, it’s difficult to picture light at the end of the tunnel. Time will keep ticking no matter what, sometimes you have to make changes even if they are uncomfortable. 


As a matter of fact, the third track of the EP “Wish” is the most vulnerable yet. Blood Orange opens up about a failed relationship. He is aware of his shortcomings in the relationship. His lover hoped things would change, but couldn’t hold on and ended up leaving. And the ex of Blood Orange just wishes the damage and heartbreak all just vanished. 

“Relax & Run”

Lastly, the fourth track “Relax & Run” details Blood Orange’s experience with heartbreak. He has trouble falling asleep at night staying up until two AM. The singer has anger towards this person, that left a sour taste in his mouth. “Choose a spark, a feeling, what’s left?/Dry, boring, nothing but dread/Choose a spark and run it to death/Try forget it, keep it, what’s left?” Love has turned him pessimistic and with an empty feeling inside. 

Nevertheless, the Four Songs is a unique project to enjoy during the autumn sweater weather. Blood Orange never fails to showcase his versatility and brilliant songwriting in his music. 

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