Kathleen is Back With “San Andreas’ Fault”

Breakout artist Kathleen is back with her first single of the year, “San Andreas’ Fault”. It follows up last year’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

Kathleen Drops Her First Song of 2021

There might be a chance that you have never heard of Kathleen, but maybe you have. She has been releasing music since 2019 and has already released two EPs, Kathleen l & Kathleen ll. “San Andreas’ Fault” is Kathleen’s first single of 2021, following up to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” released in October of last year. Just prior to that single, her second EP Kathleen ll came out as well.

The new song showcases Kathleen’s artistry and has a flaunting accompanying visual. Kathleen shared the intimate story behind it on her Instagram. “San Andreas’ Fault is about Los Angeles, located on Tongva land, personified as a woman being taken advantage of. Many of us in LA – myself included – are artists who came here to pursue some kind of dream or career; came here to do what we love. But in doing that, we have exploited the land of Los Angeles, often without even noticing.”

“Drive to a meeting, grab a cold brew, set the cup down on the sidewalk or in a bush because we’re in a hurry – it’s the little detachments that add up. As transplants, we have little to no relationship with the land we inhabit. Without that relationship, there can be no hope of climate improvement.”

“San Andreas’ Fault” Was Inspired by River Garza

“This is why I felt it was imperative to have River Garza, an artist whose work I have long loved and followed, take on the single cover art and tell the Land’s story from an indigenous perspective. “Garza is of Indigenous and Mexican descent, he is Tongva and is a member of Ti’at Society. Garza’s work draws on traditional Indigenous aesthetics, Southern California Indigenous maritime culture, Graffiti, Xicanx culture, and the Los Angeles urban experience.”

“River and I worked remotely, and after a few great conversations about punk scenes, expression, and storytelling – he totally fucking nailed it. The only creative ask I had was that the art was portrait-based – so here he as illustrated Los Angeles. Working with him was one of the most effortless, professional, and inspiring collaborations I’ve ever been a part of. So grateful to River for sharing his visual story with this song!”

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