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K-Pop Super Rookies NewJeans Return with ‘Super Shy’

'Super Shy' is the second single from NewJeans' highly-anticipated EP, "Get Up!".

Most times in K-pop, a “comeback” is just a cash grab for a hit-or-miss single, but superstar girl group NewJeans embodies a full-fledged return to top-dog status with the cute and catchy single “Super Shy.”

Arriving at NewJeans’ latest single, “Super Shy,” updates Y2K nostalgia (previously seen on winter releases “Ditto” and “OMG”) to unreal heights. Shot in Lisbon, Portugal, the summery atmosphere involved bike rides, picnics, outdoor aerobics and flash mobs. What pairs well with NewJeans’ fiery waacking-inspired choreography is an ice-cold thrill beat anchored by a quick drum.

Debuting 613 blonde hair and a new attitude, Danielle and Haerin take over the chorus, “I’m super shy, super shy / But wait a minute while I make you mine, make you mine/ … I wanna tell you but I’m super shy, super shy.” Danielle is an immediate standout with her new-found confidence from her Little Mermaid soundtrack promotion. But ultimately, Hanni’s dreamy vocals on the ” You don’t even know my name. Do ya?” pre-chorus are accumulating 17.7K TikTok videos, further generating 16M+ YouTube views.

[As always, the NewJeans has a knack for dance routines that seemingly look dreamt up between friends (set at choreographer-level difficulty), and their YouTube campaign to join the #SuperShy dance challenge is only a matter of time.]

NewJeans’ Other New Single “New Jeans” from the Get Up! EP

The EP’s first single, “New Jeans,” is nothing short of the best Powerpuff Girls collaboration locked in with an incredibly catchy hook. Minji, Danielle, Hanni, Heyin and Haerin’s adorable cartoon transformation sends immediate heart-eyes, but the quick rhyming of “New hair, new tee NewJeans, do you see?” makes it absolute bliss.

Last year, the group started their international domination with the surprise drop, “Attention,” to an instant and dedicated fanbase. And now nearing their first anniversary, NewJeans announced their second EP, titled Get Up!coming out July 17. Along with the buzzy teaser for “ASAP,” during Bunnies Camp, the first fan meeting by NewJeans, they premiered one of the six tracks, titled “ETA.”

What most people describe their music as ‘vibe-y’ or ‘pretty girl music’ is actually UK garage, a subgenre of electronic music originating from the early 1990s in England, which was popularized by the digitally-trendy PinkPantheress. In K-pop’s oversaturation of in-your-face production, NewJeans’s soft dynamism is a breath of fresh air. If Girls Generation’s “Gee” and glittery ’90s K-pop group S.E.S had a baby, it would be NewJeans. And although songs like “Hype Boy” are more western-influenced than most groups’ discography, their stylish girl-next-door aesthetic feels homemade.

What do you think of NewJeans’ new single, “Super Shy”? Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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