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JVKE And Cat Burns Are Smitten In “Golden Hour”

JVKE Recruits Cat Burns For “Golden Hour” Remix

The latest remix of JVKE’s smash record “golden hour” features fellow singer-songwriter and Tiktok influencer Cat Burns. Actually, the world was introduced to “golden hour,” on JVKE’s debut album this is what ____ feels like, which arrived on September 23, 2022. “golden hour (feat. Cat Burns)” is the fifth official remix of the track, released on November 25, nearly two months after his debut. 

Cat Burns

JVKE And Cat Burns Tell Their Love Stories

Cat Burns and JVKE paint a picture perfect moment at golden hour with their lovers. The two musicians are unapologetically smitten and have found the love of their life. “It was just two lovers / Sittin’ in the car, listening to Blonde, fallin’ for each other / Pink and orange skies, feelin’ super childish, no Donald Glover,” is how JVKE begins “golden hour.” Thus, the Rhode Island native listens to Frank Ocean’s heart-rending album Blonde with his lover. Further, he compares being in love to feeling like a kid again. In detail, Donald Glover is the rapper Childish Gambino’s real name. Hence why JVKE sings, “feelin’ super childish, no Donald Glover.” Specifically, you can hear children laughing in the background at the beginning and end of “golden hour.”

On Cat Burns’ verse of “golden hour” the singer-songwriter details her love story with her girlfriend. She shares her relationship with the world posting videos of the two on Tiktok. “We were just two lovers / Started off being good friends / But discovered lines were beginning to bend,” Burns sings on her verse. And so, the former friends had feelings that would blossom, and love grew from the seeds they planted. Often, healthy romantic relationships result from friendships. And for Cat Burns and her girlfriend, that is just the case. Burns switches up the lyrics on the pre-chorus of “golden hour” singing, “Mesmerizing green eyes / She’s got the prettiest smile / My angels of life / I was all alone with the love of my life,” 

A Love Turned Sour

The distinct instrumental fills with piano keys and layers of sounds. From birds chirping, children laughing, strings, and violins, this love song touches all your senses. But, the instrumental fades into a simple piano melody at the end. This signifies JVKE’s love story unfolding. The sun has now set to a pitch black sky. Well, what happens next? You’ll just have to listen to this is what ____ feels like by JVKE.

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