Cat Burns Shines In Her Spotify Singles 

Cat Burns: the voice behind the viral single “go,” dropped two Spotify Singles.


Spotify Singles

Cat Burns releases a stripped down version of her original song “people pleaser” and covers Estelle’s “American Boy.” Since 2016, Spotify has partnered with artists for original recordings, calling the series Spotify Singles. Often, the artists will record one of their original songs as well as a cover. For Burns, she selects two tracksone being her very own “people pleaser”for her Spotify Singles. 

“People Pleaser”

Initially “people pleaser” was released on October 7, 2022. The vulnerable track tackles her experiences being a people pleaser. From dreading confrontation, to the conquest of fixing people, and putting others before herself, Burns describes it perfectly. Being a people pleaser can stem from childhood. “Oh, I hate bein’ this way, learnt it from such a young age / My needs and wants ain’t important anyway,” Cat Burns sings. Some children are raised to believe their needs do not matter. As a result, they grow up neglecting them. Many “people pleasers” want to fix people, because they feel empathy so deeply for others. “But listen when I see you cry, I can’t stand what I feel inside / Oh, I just wanna fix you (Fix you) / Guess I’m what they call a people, people, people pleaser, pleaser, pleaser,” she sings in the chorus. 

The track sums up the frustration and anxiety that comes with being a people pleaser. “I hate confrontation, it makes me uncomfortable / My brain goes hazy, racin’, when I get vulnerable,” she sings in the first verse. Confrontation can become disastrous, and Burn’s finds it difficult to speak her mind. 

Importantly, Cat Burns hates that she always focuses on appeasing others. But in this song she makes others (myself included), feel less alone in our experiences. “people pleaser” is the first song I have heard discuss this topic. Putting others before yourself takes a huge toll on your mental health, and we must put our wants and needs to the forefront. 

Cat Burns Covers “American Boy”

Next, Cat Burns covers Estelle’s “American Boy.” The track was released in 2008 and became a smash hit for British singer-songwriter, Estelle. Her soft elegant voice paired with the catchy hook was enticing to listeners. And what Estelle and Cat Burns share in common is they are both British, and have that soft honey-like vocal tone. Burns’ cover of “American Boy” showcases her immaculate vocal control, over a lightly strummed acoustic guitar. At the end she switches up the melodies on the bridge. Overall, her crystal clear vocal tone is satisfying and I absolutely love this cover. 

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