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PNAU & Troye Sivan Are Electric And Honest

Musical trio PNAU is back with a fantastically produced single! With the help of Troye Sivan’s sexy and silky smooth vocals, to bring the song to life! Titled “You Know What I Need,” the song is enticing to me, but the music video is a bit much. So let’s get into the nitty gritty on what really matters! 

PNAU & Troye Sivan Are Electric And Honest 

Alright, let’s make one thing abundantly clear: the music for this song is incredible! PNAU makes it funky, energetic, and it truly melds with the singing. Speaking of which, Troye Sivan was truly the best choice PNAU could’ve made for this kind of song. Lyrically, PNAU and Troye Sivan write about being completely head over heels for someone. But they are not all in for the relationship if there is hurt that comes along with it. PNAU creates overall aesthetic with a neo-psychedelia vibe. The retro bass lines and glitzy synths are right at home on this one. Now, let’s talk about the trippy video for this PNAU and Sivan collaboration.

Too Trippy For Me

Okay boys and girls, confession time… I’m a huge fan of the psychedelic vibe of Pink Floyd and such. The VFX and how it constantly warps on the single shot of Troye Sivan is really impressive. However, this is a bit much for me. Frankly, I’d say that while it’s definitely cool… that phase could last you a whole ten seconds. It become exhausting for my eyes after watching it the whole way through. This may just be a me thing, though. 

Give the music video for “You Know What I Need” by PNAU and Troye Sivan a chance yourself. You can do so by clicking above or here. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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