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Justin Bieber Drops “Honest” with Don Toliver

Justin Bieber and Don Toliver are back again with another collaboration. “Honest” is a lively r&b-pop blend that showcases both Bieber and Toliver’s vocal talents. “Honest” is also accompanied by a music video, directed by Cole Bennett, that sees the duo in a rather frosty situation.

Justin Bieber Diversifies His Music

Justin Bieber has been diversifying his music as of late, with releases in country, pop, r&b, and dance genres. “Honest” is a perfect combination of rap, pop, and r&b – three genres Justin is no stranger to. Starting off with infectious percussion, Bieber sings quietly and affectionately. “Honest” is a lighthearted, energetic listen. On April 29th, in an interview with Pandora NOW on Sirius XM, Justin explains, “A lot of my songs recently have been kind of heavy… And I think I wanted to bring a side that was more … just less heavy, more light and fun and just kind of a bounce,”.

Bragging About Don Toliver

Don Toliver, according to Bieber, adds to that bounce. Toliver’s verse is just as lighthearted as Justin’s. But, according to the popstar, Don Toliver brings something unique to the table as well. In an interview on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily, Justin gushes, “I just love his melodies… He has a really amazing cadence to his songs and his music. And I’m just a genuine fan. He’s very unique. And he just is himself. And that’s what I love about any artist that can just has a lane and does what they do and does it well.” If Justin Bieber appreciates Don Toliver that much, it’s no surprise that music fans feel the same way.

Cole Bennett Directs Music Video

The “Honest” music video is just as fun as the single itself. Fans can see Bieber and Toliver donned in puffy jackets, ski masks, and cozy sweaters… all while riding snowmobiles and dodging bullets. The video was written and directed by Cole Bennett, an incredibly talented videographer who has worked with Juice Wrld, Jack Harlow, and Eminem.

Former Collaborators

Don Toliver and Justin Bieber have worked together before, as they were both featured on Skrillex’s “Don’t Go.” They both starred in the accompanying music video as well. Both artists have been busy these days, with Justin performing on his “Justice World Tour” and Don Toliver set to perform at multiple festivals this summer.

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