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Cami Petyn Gets Real on “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs”

Cami Petyn’s hard-hitting, alt-rock sound is one not easily replicated. On her latest single, “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs,” Petyn gets real about addiction. Her poignant lyricism, heavy guitar riffs, and stellar vocals make for a beautiful, earnest listen.

Heartbreaking Honesty

Cami Petyn’s honesty on this track is absolutely heartbreaking. With lyrics like “We had so many plans / Still don’t fully understand / This guilt is killing me cause / All my friends keep dying from drugs,” it’s hard not to feel her grief. Petyn connects with her listeners by being truly vulnerable, and in turn, truly relatable. “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs” is her first single of 2022, and cements Cami as a distinctly one-of-a-kind artist.

Cami Petyn’s Real Life

“All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs” draws from Cami Petyn’s real life. The San Diego native sings from her own experiences and her own pain, which is what makes this track so potent. In an interview, Cami explained, “I wrote this song the day after I found out another one of my high school friends died due to an overdose. I’ve unfortunately lost several friends to the disease of addiction, but that day it really broke me.”

Why “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs” is Important

While much of today’s popular music normalizes drug use, Cami Petyn reminds us of the real-life consequences of addiction. In an interview with Notion, Petyn emphasizes how important this single is. She says, “It was a heavy song to write and an even heavier song to record, but it was unexpectedly therapeutic. I hope, if anything, the song inspires listeners to continue the conversation about addiction. We need to talk about it more.”

Stick Around for More

Petyn has effectively captured the attention of many with her authenticity. She advocates for mental health and addiction awareness, and is proudly queer. Her music is an expression of herself, and such a genuine discography deserves to be our next MD discovery. Check back frequently for more updates on Cami Petyn!

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