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Juliet Ivy Steps Outside Of The “playpen” EP

The New York-based artist will perform at 88rising's second annual Head in the Clouds Festival on May 11 & 12.

From topping Spotify’s global viral chart to garnering over 40 million views/streams on “we’re all eating each other,” Juliet Ivy is making a name outside her debut EP, playpen, and New York City. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter ties her existential lyrics and dreamy melodies into big ribbons that crown both her head and hyper-blended sound.

Growing up in a Colombian-Chinese household, Juliet’s child-like sense of wonder and American Idol adorations found new meaning in college. That’s where her music journey began, amongst other creative friends. Her debut effort, “ZOOM,” was a 2021 collaboration with pop connoisseur Jeffery Eli. It reflected part of Juliet’s whimsical personality with exaggerated production cushioning her airy vocals.

playpen, although released in 2023, began as a slow-cooked tastemaker of “lug,” something up PinkPantheress’ sleeve of sparkly drum and bass. However, Juliet’s pen game hit a palatable nuance that’s wise beyond the dreamy-eyed star’s years. The five-track EP includes “wet nose,” “bestfriend,” “boytoy” and, of course, the social-media favorite “we’re all eating each other.”

Juxtaposed by idyllic chords, a pink tutu and pigtail braids, the chorus bites an all-too-real reality production. “But we’re all gonna die / Decompose into daffodils and dandelions / The bees will use our flowers for whatever they like / Make the honey that our grandkids will put insidе / Their morning tea / It’s the thing of lifе.” Ironically, the chorus exploded on social media with over 10,000 videos using the cutely harsh bit.

With a new music video anchoring the single’s success, Juliet’s 2024 looks busy. The year not only includes new music, but also a place in 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival. The New York City-based festival will see headlining performances from Joji, (G)I-DLE, BIBI and ILLENIUM B2B DABIN. The two-day event will also see performance sets from Juliet Ivy, Balming Tiger, SPENCE LEE, dhruv, thuy and more.

In other pop news, K-pop soloist CHUNG HA announces her comeback, EENIE MEENIE. Watch Juliet Ivy’s debut “we’re all eating each other” music video below!
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