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K-pop Soloist CHUNG HA Announces Her March Comeback “EENIE MEENIE”

Who is CHUNG HA?

If you don’t know who CHUNG HA is, allow us to introduce you to her.

CHUNG HA began her music career in 2016 as a member of I.O.I, a girl group formed through Mnet’s Produce 101. Shortly after, though, in 2017, the group disbanded. CHUNG HA released her first solo EP, Hands on Me, that same year.

CHUNG HA for More Vision. Taken from @MOREVISIONKR X.

The artist has had quite the successful eight-year career. Her songs like “Roller Coaster” (2018), “Gotta Go” (2019) and “Snapping” (2019) have become well-known hits in the K-pop industry. Aside from her effortless vocals, she’s also known for her love of and skill in dancing.

Jay Park’s More Vision

In March 2023, CHUNG HA left MNH Entertainment, the agency she had been with since her debut. In October, she signed with More Vision, an agency created by rapper and entrepreneur Jay Park. While there will always be speculation about why she left MNH Entertainment, most netizens believe the agency didn’t prioritize her health and overworked her, taking the joy out of performing and putting out music for her.

According to SBS Star, in a video with Jay Park and CHUNG HA, the two talked about her joining his label. CHUNG HA mentioned how she “was experiencing serious burnout.” If it wasn’t for Park and More Vision, the artist “probably would have enrolled at a school in another country.” She said to Park, “You gave me great advice when I was going through difficult times. You also checked on my feelings every now and then. No one else worried about me or talked to me as much, even after I told them how I felt. I thank you for that.”

CHUNG HA for More Vision. Taken from @MOREVISIONKR X.

Since joining More Vision, CHUNG HA has done some serious rebranding to separate herself from her previous agency. She’s created a new Instagram, X and TikTok, as well as a new YouTube channel. She also has a new website and a new logo. The artist has even given her fanbase a new name: HAART. Goodbye to BYULHARANG, the old name, along with any other remnants of MNH Entertainment.


With all that in mind, CHUNG HA has just announced her upcoming comeback. Her new digital single album, EENIE MEENIE, is set to come out on March 11. This will be her first album release since 2022’s Bare&Rare, Pt. 1.

On Wednesday, February 28, the day of the EENIE MEENIE announcement, CHUNG HA released a YouTube video teasing a hint of her new music.

Check out the comeback schedule below, and be sure to stay tuned with Music Daily for CHUNG HA’s upcoming release.

CHUNG HA 'EENIE MEENIE' comeback schedule. Taken from @CH_CHUN9HA X.
Taken from @CH_CHUN9HA X.

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