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Juice WRLD Is Kinda Eerie On “In My Head”

It’s no secret that artists get posthumous releases. Whether it’s Michael Jackson, XXXTENTACION, or the one we’re tackling today, Juice WRLD. There’s plenty of arguments that could be made against this kind of behavior; all sorts of ethical dilemmas left and right. However, I’m not here to argue that. I’m here to share with you a fantastically produced yet eerie song. This is “In My Head” by Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD Gets Personal On “In My Head”

Releasing to a still alive and consistent following, “In My Head” goes into the trauma ridden life of Juice WRLD. That said, the “hope” in the song was his lush lifestyle. Obviously, that kind of outlook doesn’t work out. Juice WRLD himself sings: 

“Fill my lungs with Ganja 

When they fill my brain with drama 

From my past, I have all this trauma 

Getting cash, hope the racks solve my problems

But it don’t work, uh, no, it won’t work out 

But it don’t work, no, it won’t work out (Yes)

Yeah, it don’t work, now the pain’s worse (Pain’s worse)” 

This is a really eerie and sad testament to just how even people with great success struggle. Now, I know that it can be difficult to believe because of their riches. That said, the music paints a different picture. Whether it’s disingenuous or not, what’s true is that Juice WRLD was going through stuff before he left us. It makes “In My Head” a very uncomfortable listen as a fan, even with its fantastically relaxed beat. 

“In My Head” is another vulnerable song from the late Juice WRLD. Although his lyrics are saddening, they are relatable for too many. Rest in Power, Juice WRLD. We’ll keep the music playing. If you or anyone you know is going through difficult times, please talk to someone. If not that then know that there are resources to help you. The SAMHSA has a hotline for substance abuse issues, 1-800-662-4357. And for suicide prevention, it’s simply 988.* 

And that’s it from me. Stay safe everyone. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections


*Please note that these resources are for the U.S. If you live in another country, please search for help as the information is available.  

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