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GloRilla Gets In Her R&B Bag For “Better Thangs” Remix

GloRilla via
GloRilla via

GloRilla Remix

Long-time musician and entertainer Ciara, has recruited up-and-coming rapper GloRilla for her remix of “Better Thangs (with Summer Walker)”. In the first place, the original version with Summer Walker arrived on September 28. Music Daily’s very own Andres Fabris’ writes, “Having Walker on the track should indicate a feel-good, vicious production. Better yet, the duo makes a powerful girl group with a slick entry on the song in poolside lounge chairs and Motorola V3 hang-ups.” The duo seem to have chemistry in the track and music video, yet it did falter expectations for some. Regardless, their voices always sound beautiful, and they both have soothing tones that melt into one another. 

Following, Ciara would tease the GloRilla remix on her social media before the official release. Then, “Better Thangs (with Summer Walker & GloRilla)” was eventually brought to streaming services on November 4. 

Reactions & Reviews 

“Better Thangs (with Summer Walker & GloRilla)” brought mixed reactions, as fans did not think GloRilla fit the vibe of the song. The R&B song is a chill bop with sweet melodies from Walker and Ciara. GloRilla brings an enticing flavor to rap with her raw and aggressive sound. Fans flock to the rapper because of her deep voice and individualistic style. But, on “Better Thangs (with Summer Walker & GloRilla)” the merging of R&B and rap was met with negative reactions. People thought the “Blessed” rapper felt out of place in the song, and it did not fit her sound. 

Anyways…Life’s Great EP

But, nothing can stop her reign to the top. She released her debut EP Anyways…Life’s Great on Friday, November 11. The tracklist includes arguably the song of summer 2022, “F.N.F (Lets Go)” and recent smash hit “Tomorrow 2 (with Cardi B).” Above all, we love GloRilla and are excited to see her pure talent prosper in the industry. 

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