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JOSEPH Fight Anxiety Back On “Nervous System”

Last month, the indie-pop sister trio JOSEPH dropped a new single “Nervous System.” Intimate lyrics hide behind stunning harmonies and pop instrumentation. The buildup characterized by acoustic guitars reels you into a vortex until an explosive electric guitar hits. All three sisters can be heard on the climatic and energetic chorus. 

The Band JOSEPH releases new single "Nervous System"
JOSEPH. (Photo: @thebandjoseph Via Twitter).

“Nervous System” By JOSEPH

JOSEPH shares their personal experiences with anxiety, how it affects them in relationships and their own self-growth journeys. “No it’s not selfish if you save yourself / Don’t feed the paranoia, that won’t help / It’s in your head and it’s under your skin / I know that you can calm the storm in your nervous system,” the chorus reads. Anxiety causes paranoid irrational thoughts that you begin to believe about oneself and others. And so, living in your mind is like a trap that you are always trying to escape. 

The Exhausting Effects Of Anxiety 

In addition, JOSEPH writes about how anxiety causes you to fall out of touch with reality and yourself. And in the midst of panic, there’s nothing that can save her. Anxiety makes it difficult to speak and because her inner voices are so loud. Their actions and body language lead her to overthinking. “The worst part is watching how you push me away / And that I can’t help you when you stir up your hurricanes / The good and the bad in us are like night and day / The noise that you’re making’s drowning out what you meant to say,” JOSEPH writes.

Every time the JOSEPH singers overcome anxiety, it always returns because it never fully goes away. It becomes exhausting to be in this never-ending cycle. “You think you’ve made your way out of the deep, but there’s a ripple effect / It’s not over yet / You think you’re stronger when you scream, but then you can’t catch your breath,” JOSEPH describes. The band reminds us to take care of yourself, and reassure yourself you are safe. And more importantly, we are capable of mitigating our anxiety.

New Album

Even more, JOSEPH’s new album The Sun will be released on April 28 via ATO Records. Fans look forward to more relatable songs about their personal experiences. Stream “Nervous System” by JOSEPH and look out for the new album in April.

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