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Kid Bloom

Born Lennon Kloser, Kid Bloom is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The indie rock artist is making his way on social media and music apps through his singular, unique style. An independent artist with influences raging from The Weeknd, Tame Impala and David Bowie, Kid Bloom is creating one of the most unique sounds, yet maintaining a captivating aura that makes him appealing for the large audience.

Since the release of his first debut EP in 2016, A Different State of Mind, the artist never stopped growing. The singer is producing songs that brought him closer and closer to his original sound and his perfect audience. For this, Kid Bloom is now to become the next big thing. He has, in fact, also worked together with artists of the caliber of Maroon 5 and H.E.R., writing their latest “Convince Me Otherwise.”

A great first listen would be the single “Electric U.” The song is a syncopated rhythm that embraces his main influences and the 70s groove and 80s synth pop. Moreover, the single “Like I Never Left” is a big representation of the artist’s R&B, synth pop and psychedelic rock.

Picture taken from Kid Bloom's official Instagram account 
Photo credits: unknown

Walk With Me

“Walk With Me” is a song that embraces the influences that the artist considers as the strongest on his music. From Tame Impala, the Weeknd, Travis Scott, Big Star, and David Bowie, “Walk With Me” is the most representative song out of the musician’s discography. Similar to other hits like “Different State of Mind” and “Lately It Feels Alright,” this new release is the prove of how the artist is strengthening his own unique sound.

On the same rhythmic line as Post Malone’s “Circles,” “Walk With Me” is a captivating, light-hearted. The song has a hazy 80’s disco tones, and Motown-esque energy. It is surely a must-listen for all the indie rock fans out there.

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