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Bebe Rexha – “Heart Wants What It Wants”

After the release of her latest great collaboration with American DJ, David Guetta in the song “I’m Good (Blue),” Bebe Rexha returns as a solo artist. It’s her new single, the first one since July. “Heart Wants What It Wants,” is a song you have to listen to!

“Heart Wants What It Wants”

After collaborating with David Guetta in one of the currently most popular singles, “Heart Wants What It Wants” is American singer and songwriter Bleta Rexha’s, musically known as Bebe Rexha, new single. The new single arrives after the two massive hits “I’m Good (Blue),” released with David Guetta covering Gabri Ponte, and “Break My Heart Myself” featuring Itzy. The expectations were therefore very high and “Heart Wants What It Wants” satisfies them all!

Picture taken from Bebe Rexha's official instagram account
Picture taken from Bebe Rexha’s official instagram account

In a release about the track, Bebe Rexha commented the song, saying:

“‘Heart Wants What It Wants’ is about the time in relationships where you fall out of love with your partner. It’s an anthem about wanting what you want and not being apologetic for it. It could be anything you feel conflicted about wanting and not specific to romance.”

The song was produced by Ido Zmishlany and co-written with Bonnie McKee. The single is a light-hearted hymn to the freedom one feels after leaving a relationship. The high tone and the energy that’s central in the song is what Bebe Rexha was looking for when she started creating “Heart Wants What It Wants.”

“At a place in life after a pandemic where sad songs are of the past, I just want everyone to have a good time,” Rexha added.

“My heart only wants what it wants/ What it wants, what it wants ’til it doesn’t/ I can’t promise you love, it was love/ It was love, it was love ’til it wasn’t, oh,” sings the artist in the first verse of the song.

The music video brings out Bebe Rexha’s 70s energy

Together with the song, the official music video of “Heart Wants What It Wants” came out. In the video, the artist sings in a 70s themed room. Also the outfits match the theme of the song and of the music video. The entire release brings out Bebe Rexha’s best 70s influences.

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