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Jon Batiste Drops “Drink Water” Featuring Jon Bellion & Fireboy

Versatile, distintive and unique, Jon Batiste returns with his fifth single of the year, “Drink Water.” The single features Jon Bellion & Fireboy DML and brings soul, funky and exotic R&B to his discography.

Meet Jon Batiste

Funk, jazz, R&B and reggae are just some of the main influences the artist has touched with his versatile music. An example is his collaboration with Lana Del Rey on her latest “Candy Necklace.” Vibing with Lana Del Rey’s mood and her constant poetic depression, the artist introduced his unmistakable influence on the piano. Melancholic, sharp and pungent, the song became an immediate success. Able to perfectly create a connection with the singer and icon Lana Del Rey.

Again, he also worked on the soundtrack of Pixar movie Soul in his Jazz Selections: Music From and Inspired by Soul. Now, the artist welcomed a new genre in his catalog of music.

Drink Water

Embracing a yet new genre, Jon Batiste shows once again his versatility and incredible ability in switching from one sound to the next. Enlarging his influence on the industry with another approach, the single is a magnifier for the genre. It also recalls the late 2010s warm, summery and exotic vibes, carrying the simple and essential message: “Take a deep breath, and drink water.”

The artist commented on the role of the single in the upcoming album, World Music Radio (out Aug. 18). “Traveling with my wife, leaning into the culturally diverse group of friends and family that make up my inner circle birthed the foundations for what is now World Music Radio,” he said. Speaking of the album, he also mentioned how much of it was recorded “in transit, hotel rooms, basements and on smartphones either abroad or near big bodies of water.”

He added: “I created this album with a feeling of liberation in my life and a renewed sense of exploration of my personhood, my craft and of the world around me unlike anything I had ever felt before.”

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