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Johnny Orlando Shares Painful “someone will love you better”

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Johnny Orlando released his new single “someone will love you better,” following up on “You’re Just Drunk.”

Johnny’s New Era is Thrilling

“someone will love you better” arrives via Universal Music Canada/Republic Records. The song follows previous releases that Johnny has shared of his new era, including “You’re Just Drunk,” “Daydream,” and “I Don’t.” Last Christmas, he also unveiled a 3-song Holiday EP titled How Can It Be Christmas.

In this new era of music, we can see that Johnny has grown up to be a skillful artist. His lyrics have grown up with him as well, as his songs now describe everything from what it means to be a teenager; to that first love, to heartbreak, like “someone will love you better” describes. 

“Every night I close my eyes. And wish I was still in love. Trying to fight the war with my mind. It’s gonna kill me to give you up. Darling, this is gonna hurt. No, I won’t regret it. ‘Cause I loved you first. But someone will love you better,” he sings in the chorus.

The Meaning Behind “someone will love you better”

“Someone will love you better” comes accompanied by a thrilling music video. Directed by longtime collaborator Iris Kim (renforshort, LOLO, Anna Sofia); the visual shows Johnny going through the pain that he narrates in the song. He tries to escape the demons of his past, and he even runs away from a house that’s literally on fire.

“‘someone will love you better’ is the story of one of my friends who fell out of love with his partner,” Johnny says. “When he told me about it, I thought it was really interesting that you could care so deeply about somebody but still lose feelings for them over time. The lyrics reflect the realization of the falling out, the moment he broke the news, and his hope that even though it wouldn’t be him; somebody else would love her the way he once did.”

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