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Camila Cabello Teams Up With Victoria’s Secret For First Bilingual Campaign

Global pop star Camila Cabello is the new face of Victoria’s Secret popular fragrance Bombshell. 

Camila is Proud to be Latina

Buckle up, Camilizers! Camila Cabello has teamed up with Victoria’s Secret to make the first-ever bilingual campaign for the company. For instance, the campaign revolves around their popular fragrance Bombshell, in which Camila serves as the new face for it.

In the campaign, captured by photographer Zoey Grossman; Camila showcases her Latina roots by fluently mixing both English and Spanish in the same commercial. In it, she expresses what it means for her to be a Bombshell girl. “To me, the word Bombshell means owning your desires, your pleasures, and (in Spanish) enjoying everything life has to offer;” she says in the commercial. In addition, the campaign includes one commercial fully done in Spanish as well.

“For me, being a Bombshell is being exactly who you are and having the courage to celebrate who you are, every day. I’m excited to join Victoria’s Secret in embracing the Bombshell in every woman,” Camila says about the campaign.

“On set, Camila exuded a presence throughout the day that didn’t need to be directed. Her vibrance and confidence shined through organically. It was all about a celebration of her and her personality that brought this fragrance and campaign to life;” says Raúl Martinez, Chief Creative Director at Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is Hosting a Bombshell Experience in New York

To further celebrate the Bombshell fragrance collection, Victoria’s Secret is hosting The Bombshell Gardens, an immersive and sensorial experience in New York City. The experience will run from May 3 through May 9. Above all, the pop-up will offer daily unique experiences and activities that visitors will be able to enjoy. For instance, these include free peony giveaways, digital photo booths, mother’s day gifts, and the chance to meet Victoria’s Secret’s Bombshell perfumer, Adriana Medina.

The Bombshell Gardens experience will be located on the High Line between 14th and 16th Street. For a daily schedule of experiences and more information, click here. 

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