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Jockstrap Takes You On a Trip With New Album “l<3UQTINVU"

Jockstrap has reimagined their 2022 album, I Love You Jennifer B, with their latest electro-pop counterpart, I<3UQTINVU.

Jockstrap’s Jennifer B vs I<3U

Produced with Jockstrap’s own Taylor Skye, I<3UQTINVU is a surprising contrast to their indie-electronic album, Jennifer B. It’s a compilation of reworked tracks from their previous album, but, there’s an electronic twist on each and every song. Whereas Jennifer B was an exploration of merging the indie and EDM world, I<3U is a full-out deep-dive. It’s the carefree, rave-induced counterpart to their 2022 persona built in Jennifer B. And though it isn’t technically a bad album, it sure is jarring for those still riding off of last year’s record.

Credit: Eddie Whelan / Press

In every trait of Jennifer B, I<3U provides a complete contrast. Wistful melodies in Jennifer B are met with harsh, jagged streaks throughout I<3U. Lighthearted and strummy production is met with rowdy, rambunctious electronics. Overall, there’s little overlap between the two albums. Despite one being a rendition of the other, it’s clear that Jockstrap wanted to do more than simply experiment with their music. They wanted to make a loud, aggressive statement.

As a result, I<3UQTINVU is the perfect album to soundtrack your disco-lit, electronic rave parties. It propels you to an otherworldly realm, with both strange beats woven with Georgia Ellery’s eerie vocals and backlit synths that keep your mind in a whirl. In tracks like “I Touch,” Ellery’s vocals soar and give us a brief look back into the world of Jennifer B. However, like all the other tracks, they are soon accompanied by disruptive drops that keep the song interesting. Just when you think you’ve gotten a grasp on each track, Jockstrap pulls the rug out from underneath you and sends you soaring through their world once more.

Featuring artists like Baby Morocco on the opening track, “Sexy” and IAN STARR on track seven’s “Red Eye,” (a rework of last year’s “Neon”), Jockstrap sure knows how to switch things up on their fans. I<3U has received a variety of reviews, with some fans craving their 2022 sound. Others are eager to join on the psychedelic ride, ready to jump into whatever world Jockstrap creates next. The best way for you to decide which side you fall on is to simply listen for yourself. So, stream I<3U down below, and let us know what you think of Jockstrap’s newest musical endeavors. And be sure to stay tuned to Music Daily for each week’s latest drops!

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