Babymorocco Is The Main UK Boy

Next January, the stud will support hyperpop artist Dorian Electra's 2024 European/UK tour dates for Fanfare The World Tour.

Babymorocco likes nothing more than getting naked and making sexy music. The London-based musician is a rare artist breed that adopts this narcissistic “himbo” persona into an artform, with which True Panther Records only elevates that spontaneity.

His Instagram feed is a replica vibe; he’s absolutely jacked, adorned by girls, and creates “attention-seeking, booze-cruise party music.” To understand his persona, independent publication Perfectly Imperfect got to know Babymorocco’s left-field obsessions, including the “post-sex look.”

“I like to f*ck before I leave the house,” he admitted. “The best thing you can ever wear is Sex. Your muscles are all pumped and you get a good glow going […].” Need I say more?

His June EP, The Sound, is a summery debut of hyper-pop beats and attention-seeking, sexy electro-pop hits like “Sun Sex Party.” Babymorocco’s music video for “Everyone” saw his special NYC girlfriends Searcy Kwon, Iris Luz, Paloma Green, Echo Seireeni and the iconic Blizzy McGuire playfully teasing him throughout the city.

The seven-track EP whacks basslines like we’re starting the 2000s all over again. However, much like the Londoner swaggy style, the singer makes even the most well-known techno structure effortlessly cool.

His artist friends are nothing short of amazing, too. Earlier this year, he played at PC Music’s 10th anniversary shows with AG COOK, umuru, Doss and more. Recently, Babymorocco appeared on Jockstrap’s remixed version of their 2022 album, I Love You Jennifer B, titled I<3UQTINVU—short for I Love You Cutie, I Envy You.

Next January, the stud will support hyperpop artist Dorian Electra‘s 2024 European/UK tour dates for Fanfare The World Tour. Between these ventures, you can find him managing his independent label, Phat Boy Records. The label’s latest release, “Push My*” is a cheeky iKeda and Bamster collaboration in need of a club dancefloor… ASAP!

Stream Babymorocco’s music here. Check out more Music Discoveries on Music Daily!
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