Kevin Ross is “Looking For Love”

Rising R&B artist Kevin Ross released his latest single “Looking For Love,” which marks his first release of the year.

Kevin Was Working Non-Stop Last Year

2020 was a very busy year for Kevin. He started it off by releasing a 7-song EP in January, titled Audacity, Vol.1. The EP was going to be the first volume, as the name suggested, of a series of projects he had planned for the year. Audacity, Vol. 2., its follow-up, arrived later on in August. 

Fans thought that was going to be the end of the series, but they were wrong! Audacity Complete, a compilation of the songs in both EP’s, came out in December to close out the year right. But Kevin didn’t only include the songs on the first two EP’s! He also added some live versions of some of the songs and released some never-heard-before songs as well.

“Looking For Love” Marks a New Chapter for the Singer

After all the work Kevin did last year, it was only fair he took a break for a couple of months. Thus, “Looking For Love” marks Kevin’s first single of 2021, and he is showing that music is in his blood. In the lyrics, he expresses feeling like the girl he is dating is not ready to fully commit to a relationship yet, so he says bye to her for now.

“Baby, if you’re looking for love. Girl, sooner or later you’re bound to find it. Can’t keep holding onto what was. You gotta be willing to trust in something. If you’re really looking for love. Girl, sooner or later you’ll know it’s right here. It’ll come when you open up. Till then we’ll keep in touch,” he sings in the chorus.

In a statement, Kevin shared the meaning of the single. “It may sound nostalgic but the story is a very present-day situation. Our generation is the first to experience how social media affects how we love. We have more options than ever before, so when we are met with the smallest issue, we’re quicker to leave to find someone more ‘compatible.’ Looking for love is more difficult than ever yet everybody wants to find it. The real question is, once we find it, can we keep it?”

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